Marple Website Pub Guide Introduction

Welcome to the Marple Website's Pub Guide
, as compiled by your very own Tour Guide, EGBERT MACKERETH.

In his tireless quest to provide the people of Marple with the most comprehensive community web site available, Mark Whittaker has asked me (as someone who occasionally frequents such establishments!!) to compile a guide to the licensed premises in the Marple area.

Our aim is to provide visitors to this guide with a brief synopsis of each pub. Initially we contacted all the licensees and asked them to provide any information that they would wish to see included in the site. Armed with this information (10 out of 28 replied!) it then fell upon myself, EGBERT MACKERETH, to undertake the unenviable task of visiting each pub on at least two occasions in order to give MY verdict.

The areas covered are, as you will see, suitability for eating out, is the pub children or pet friendly, entertainment and general appearance etc. You will notice that I have not given a verdict on how good the beer is. This is not that I am afraid of airing an opinion but because it was noticeable what might be an awful pint one day could be quite palatable on another. People's tastes also differ, so the bottom line is if the beer in any pub was regularly totally undrinkable, then they didn't even get included.

We think we have covered all the aspects that a person unfamiliar with the area may wish to know. We have also included a quick key at the head of each page covering the features we would expect to be most frequently asked about, using the following symbols. 


AccommodationChildrenBeer GardenPetsFoodReal AleHand PumpTraditional Vault

The Guide can be navigated using the alphabetical list of pubs down the left-hand side of your screen, or by clicking on the pub locations on the two map pages. The first of these shows the district covered by the guide, whilst the other covers the town centre only.

I'm very grateful to EGBERT for the effort he has put into compiling this guide and I hope it proves useful and enjoyable to locals and visitors alike.

The WHAT EGBERT THINKS.. section and the Star Ratings are purely personal views and may differ from yours entirely. Don't be put off visiting a pub you've never been to before by these, go and form your own opinion. It's possible EGBERT will be prepared to debate them with you in the discussion forum, or you can e-mail him directly at

As extra dimension to the guide, a section at the bottom of each page has been included to allow
YOU to make a short comment on your FAVOURITE pubs. If you would like your comments to be added you can send them to us using one of the e-mail links below. Please note however that you must be prepared to have your real name displayed against them. Anonymous comments will not be accepted and inclusion will be at our discretion.

If you spot any errors or things change, let us know and we'll do our best to put it right quickly. Many of the pubs did not respond to the questionnaire sent out and those that did often said much less than they could have done. If any of you landlords or ladies would like to amend the WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THEMSELVES... section for your pub, feel free to e-mail the details.

 Egbert Mackereth - Pubmaster or

Mark Whittaker - Webmaster