The War Memorials Trust (Formerly Friends Of War Memorials) are a registered charity whose aims are:

War Memorials Trust vision is to protect and conserve all War Memorials within the UK.

War Memorials Trust works for the protection and conservation of War Memorials within the UK to ensure these monuments remain part of our communities forever. War Memorials commemorate our shared past, an important part of our national culture.

War Memorials Trust seeks to cooperate with other organisations, at both national and local level, to better safeguard the future of War Memorials in both their social and historical context.

War Memorials Trust is an independent Registered Charity and as such is entirely dependant on voluntary income.


  • To monitor the condition of War Memorials, and to encourage protection and conservation when appropriate.

  • To provide expert advice to those involved in War Memorial projects, and to facilitate conservation through grants schemes for War Memorial projects.

  • To work with relevant organisations to encourage their accepting responsibility for War Memorials and recognising the need to undertake repair and restoration work to these monuments as required.

  • To build a greater understanding of War Memorial heritage and raise awareness of the issues surrounding War Memorial conservation.

What can you do to help?
If you see any damage, graffiti, or any areas where you feel your local memorials could be better maintained or if you want further information on any aspect of War Memorials Trust then contact either the Regional Volunteer for Stockport and district:

Peter Clarke, using our contact us page.


4 Lower Belgrave Street London SW1W 0LA
charity: 020 7259 0403
conservation: 020 7881 0862
fax: 020 7259 0296
Registered Charity No: 1062255
Copyright: War Memorials Trust 2005

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