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Joe Darlington   


I  live in Stockport but I didn't know just what was on my own doorstep! i.e. Marple and it's attributes.

I've now got somewhere to go without trekking round the country and it's so much better.

keep up the good work.



Frank Emmett   


I found your site whilst researching, for a long-overdue PhD, on 1830s "Migration of Labourers" scheme I've been tracking the guinea pigs from their home villages in Bledlow/Princes Risborough in Bucks -&- Cranfield in Beds, to Gregs at Quarry Bank and--here's where you come in--Mellor. The issue is well documented I'm just trying to find a web of personal contacts that may have greased the wheels to make the Poor Law Commissioners choose certain mills/parishes. The Rector of Cranfield was Rev. James Beard in a letter to Chadwick (from Hope Hall Manchester--actually in Salford) he talks about his parishioners being shipped to the mill run by his brother-in-law, John Clayton, on behalf of the Arkwrights. So your extensive + illustrated article on Oldknow's mill, with Clayton's role (-&- even a picture of his house) was very helpful. NOW (being an exiled Yorkshireman, and allus after summat for nowt) I have a request can you help me consolidate this Clayton-Beard link?


Mary Greenwood nee Cotton  


Christmas Greetings.

I was thrilled to find all the information about Marple Hall,but was especially excited at reading the tour guide written and printed at the Hall by my Grandfather, Mr H Cotton, He was the last caretaker of the hall and his daughter, My Aunt was the last person to be married from the Hall.


Val Meredith nee Jinks  


Greetings from Nova Scotia, where we have lived for 33 years. I was born in Marple and lived at " Top Lock House ", but have not been back since leaving in 1956.We enjoyed reading your web page and looking at the old photographs, they bring back many memories. We farm here in N.S., tomorrow we look forward to our traditional white Christmas, our family of five are all married and we now have 11 grand children. It was interesting to read about Beth Westrip and the beautiful piece of furniture she had inherited, as a small girl I played with Beth. Keep up the good work on the web page.

Merry Christmas Marple,

Val -&- Tom Meredith.


Gail Sayers (Worthin  


Every month I look in at the Marple web site to see what is happening in and around Marple, and to read the guest book. It is 38 years since I lived in Romiley and I still think of all the walk by the canal from Cherry tree to Marple or the other way to Bredbury and beyond. It is good to see things are being done with the river, canal, Chadkirk, and many more, these are great walks. I miss with the peace and quiet of the river Goyt. Keep up the good work all those who are doing all the restoring and hope people with use them with care and appreciation thank you for a great web site.


Richard Marple  



Thank you for a wonderful website! The picture gallery demands ones attention it is so well done. Does anyone know the origin of the name Marple? I have been told it is a fishing term, the mar pole (sp?) being the low point of the wave when compared to the crest. It seems Marple is a bit landlocked for that to ring true!

In any event, please accept my congratulations on a job well done. I have sent your site to my family so that they too may do a virtual visit through the town and the centuries.

Richard Marple
San Antonio Texas USA




Although I only lived in Marple from birth (1924) to 6 months I am interested in Marple. Did not get to see the place until 1985. Have just found the news that my birthplace, The Bowling Green pub has been demolished after all. A great pity. And by a PUB co at that. Greetings to all ex Marple-ites now in Oz. Any one near me, Mackay NQ. ??


Christine Newton  


What a wonderful trip down memory lane. I even found a photograph of my father!


Bob Crawford   


An extremely comprehensive and informative website. A must for any potential visitor to Marple. Excellent work, keep it up.

Bob Crawford


Val Whitby  


My grandparents lived in Marple all of their married life. I visited them at Hawk Green. I NEVER knew how steeped in history the area was (children live for the present, don't they ?) We emigrated to Western Australia in 1967.

Whenever I want a trip down nostalgia lane I know where to log on to. I had a return visit in 1982 but hope to return one day for a hands on experience in a place that holds so many dear memories.

Thank you.


Andy Wheeler   


Amazing site. Helped me with my homework on the history of Marple Hall.

Thank you.


Roland Fox   


What a great job you have done with this web page and has brought back many of memories of when I was a small boy and young man. I was born at 10 Church Lane, nearly opposite the Hatters Arms in the year of 1934. Migrated to Australia in 1969 with my wife Alison (nee Lowe), who lived at Nab Top Farm, Dale Road, and four boys. Her father John Lowe recently passed away at the age of 95 in Western Australia. My wife Alison also passed away aged 64 a few years ago. I am now living in South Australia.

Roy Stewart (Shirt) tried to contact me unfortunately I was unable to answer due to the fact my pc went down, would love to get his email address so that I can reply to him


Mary Frankland   


What a really wonderful collection of old photos! I've just spent a nostalgic couple of hours printing out my favourites. Please keep them coming.

My name used to be Mary HANDFORTH, and I was born in Marple in 1932 and lived in Weatherley Drive. Went to Miss Whalley's [Marple Preparatory School] till I was nine, then to Stockport High, then to M/c University.

If there's any old-timers around who remember me, I'd love to hear from them. New Zealand seems a terrible long way from Marple sometimes!


Raymond Thaw  


Hi Marple, what a great site I found.

I am from Burnage which is not to far away from Marple but now live in Australia I have been here for 30 years now but still go home every 3 years or so.

My father lived in Stiles Ave Marple, for about 25 years till his death in June 1997 we go back and see my stepmother who is still there. I am not sure but you mite have heard of him is name was John Thaw Snr and was the father of John Thaw (aka) Inspector Morse and I am John Thaw's brother.

I have very fond memories of Marple, the walk's the pubs the shops and of course the people.


Jim Howell   


I am a Marple exile working abroad half the time and very much enjoy being able to spend a little time now and again catching up on what's going on at home.

Many of my friends and colleagues in Eastern Europe have seen the site and been most impressed that a small town has such a big site. Maybe you will inspire villages in Transylvania (it really exists) to start their own sites without the D. word appearing!


Mark  Mark's Site


This site is incredible!

I am frequently travelling/working abroad and it's great to be able to log on to this site from anywhere worldwide. Seeing all these pictures/scribblings about my hometown really help cure any pangs of homesickness I have! 


Peter Russell   


Hi Eric Julier

I think you may know my sister, Barbara, I think she was in your year or possibly the year ahead of yours. Did you have a brother Alan, 2 or 3 years older than you? I remember Alan from All Saints primary.

Regards Pete


Peter Yates  



I came across this site while doing some late night nostalgic surfing. Like a lot of the contributors I am also an ex-pat living for the last 14 years in Melbourne Australia. I went to Marple Hall Grammar School for Boys between 1967 and 1974. I lived in Hazel Grove, where my parents still live, and have some find memories of Marple Hall. Diving into the Hare -&- Hounds at lunchtime, the Norfolk Arms on Friday night etc. Chairman Reg Hill was headmaster, Mr Plug English was our 6 form teacher - great memories


Jo Jo (Davis) Huffaker  


Hi Marple,

I wrote earlier but for some reason my message was not posted. Anyone out there know me, I used to live in Marple back in the 70's. Came from the US with my mom and three sisters, we lived in Hawk Green, went to Woodville, and married a boy from Rose Hill and moved back to the states in 1974, I guess I did a lot of damage in 4 years. Anyway have lots of fond memories of your village, especially the pineapple on market st. I'm looking for an old friend I lost touch with, Geraldine Smith, we went to school together and lost touch with each other when I moved back here. So if your out there Geraldine write me, or call 843-448-1936. I hope to visit there again one day in the near future, keep up the good work Marple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




 Correction....My name is spelt HUFFAKER, I left out to r, guess I was so excited about finding the website, forgot how to spell my name. Any way does any one remember me JO ANN DAVIS, tall, blonde, American. Write me back, I live in Myrtle Beach S. Carolina USA.




Hi Marple,

I used to live in Marple and Hawk green back in the 70's. Went to Woodville School for girls, and also married a chap from Marple. Had a lot of great memories and there's several people I'd like to locate. My sisters (all three) were the American girls who invaded hawk green summer of 1970. My first pub experience was the crown on the green at hawk green, but our favorite hangout was the pineapple on market street. That's where I first remember seeing my future , and unfortunately ex husband, Terry Hennegan. But we are still friends. I hope to find an old school mate Geraldine Smith, she lived in Hawk Green and went to Woodville with me, but we lost touch when I moved back to the states in 1974. Also old buddies we hung out with John Haugh, Geoff Brennan.... Where are you ????? And sending my love to my best buddy Thomas.... cheers! JOJO


Laura Hough  


Could somebody give me some information relating to the Goyt Mill, it's a wonderful building, my name is Laura Hough I am from Marple, I am nine years old, via tom ?


Thomas Hennegan  


great site

I used to live in Marple, I now live in Gee Cross.

It's a shame the council demolished Marple Hall ?

Does anybody remember the 80 ft drop ? Cos I do!







Eric Julier  


I'm 50 years old today!

Marple was a huge part of my life. I was born in Hawk Green then lived in Marple till I moved on in 1975. I attended All Saints till 1961 then went on to Marple Hall - for the first year we had girls in our class! Wow!

So just because I can't remember - its an age thing - anyone out there went to school with me? Ok Stuart Goodwin - you don't have to answer -

you are 50 next week - right?

Let start a I'm 50 too club!

Just waiting to hear from you!!


Barbara McCormick  


I have been researching my ancestors since about March, I lost my husband Jan 22,2001 and got into this to take my mind off of things. My mothers nee name was Marple, I have went back to David Marple and Jane?? his wife David b. 1664 supposed to be from Wales, but as I know nothing about the U.K. it is difficult for me to search there, and record keeping was not so good then either.

Any help, would be greatly appreciated, cannot find David's parents, or name of spouse Jane ?

I really enjoyed your website. Very informative

Barbara McCormick


Kent F. Marple  


 Looks like an interesting site. I will look at it in more detail later.

Found out about this site from a link at

I live in Lawrenceburg, Indiana USA.


Terry Foster  


I am very surprised at how good the site is. It is good that we can find out what is happening in Marple eg the Roman Bridge. I hope it prospers.


Dennis Bradley  


An excellent website which I am nowhere near finished searching.

It's costing me a fortune - I'll come back tomorrow!




I just spent about 2 hours looking at this web site, it's fantastic, have you got anymore of the Hare -&- Hounds on Otterspool Road? I'm also looking for some information on Oakwood Hall, but haven't found anything yet, I went there once when I was 12 (1976) with some friends, it was pretty run down then. if you know anything, please e.mail me.


Tony Walker   


I attended the Grammar from 1970 - 1976, I would so like to get in touch with my friends from that time. Are they online or known to one of the net-readers ? Try Susan Humbles, Vanessa Wilma, Helen Gregory, what about Alan Warren, There are others, First names mostly. Come on somebody out there can get back to me.

Marple has its own special memories for me. The village, school, growing up was all done around this area.





We once lived in Marple, then Compstall, now residents in Perth Western Australia (Shoalwater) 1.5 kilometers to Indian Ocean if anybody requires accommodation whilst on their hols in OZ W.A. please e-mail us for prices.

Loved your web page.


Martin Clarkson  


My name is Martin Clarkson, I lived in Marple from my birth in February 1958 to 1971 when my family moved to Hazel Grove. Only a few miles but enough to lose touch with all my friends from my home town. I attended Rose Hill County Primary and later spent the worst year of my life a Marple willows.

This was a shock after Rose Hill where I remember the friendship of my classmates and teachers especially the fearsome Mr Goodwin. The people I would most like to hear from would be the class that left in 1970 and following list contains some of my class. If any of the readers of this website should recognise any of these names pass the information on.

Nick Gorman, Peter Whitlock, Chris Owen, Peter Smethhurst, Phillip Steel, David Manley, David McCartney, Aurial Bullock, Margaret Jacques (and her brother Dennis) Leslie Milner, Phillip Webb, Matthew and Alistair, Sally Black, Miles Starkey, Peter Greenwood, Philip Pownall, Simon Hays (and his brother Andrew) Alex Hartley, Chris Hill,


Helena Sahagun Sala  


Marple is a very nice village!! I lived there for one year in 1995.

Kind regards.



Robert K. Marple Jr  


Almost a decade ago visited town and environs of Marple. Stockport Library helped in our genealogy search. It was great to revisit on the web. Thanks a bundle for providing the service as my wife can no longer travel so we go places on the internet.




I just wanted to know if, by any chance, there was a web-site concerning this small village where I spent some time when I was a little bit younger... And it was a great surprise to be able to see all these streets and pubs. It was an exciting come back, I can guarantee you !!!

Carry on keeping it live, you are really doing a great job !


Philip Cooke  


Hello from down under!

Amazing what you can find in cyberspace, searching on a word from your the distant past. I used to live in Marple until I was 11 years of age in 1969 when my family emigrated to Adelaide, Australia where I still reside. I found your website brought back a few memories of place names such as Hawk Green and Upper Hibbert Lane, but sadly the years have blotted my recognition of most of the photos which I nevertheless still found interesting. The address at which I used to live was 2 Ridge Crescent and if my memory serves me correctly it used to back on to fields in which I used to pick blackberries with my two brothers. I could not find any reference to Ridge Crescent. Is it still there? I attended All Saints Primary school. Maybe you can remind me of the route I would have taken from Ridge Crescent to school. Keep up the good work!


Lewis Williams  


Went to Marple Hall School '76 - '81 and left Marple a year later, still feels like home!


Margaret Williams  


An Excellent website! As an American Bradshaw descendant, I feel a strong connection to Marple! Visiting your site makes me feel close to my heritage! Keep up the good work! Thank you!



Adam Newington  


Hello all back in Marple, good to see this website!! 'Cos I did not even think one was about so good luck in the future!! I went to Marple Hall school not so long ago 93 -98 I think? you may remember me as lloydsie if anyone remembers me? Well anyway I am now living and working in Germany with the British Army (Irish Guards) and only get the chance to come back to sunny Marple every now and again. One bad point about this website is that it makes me feel very homesick!!, just looking at all those pubs I drink in back home. Anyway I am going to say my hellos now so hello to gav bowers, ian cobain, jamie totterdell, sam evans, john bailey,dave mcormick, si hughes, phil connerty, paul nuttall, gaz morris, pete taylor, everyone at Marple cricket club and anyone else who knows me. Hope to see you all soon in August cya lloydsie!!


kevin PARRY  


Just new to "net"... found the site very interesting... I used to live in Marple from 1972 to 1978, and attended Marple Ridge. Does anyone remember Mrs LOMAX, Mrs GWILYM, Basil the art teacher with his sandals and rattly old motorbike? Has anyone heard of the old reprobates, David LUCAS, Willie HENDERSON, Andy WALSH, Sandra MACKLHAGGER (?) Katie GREEN...?? I would very much like to get in contact with me old mates from Marple. Oh, and not forgetting Dai, David WINTER, and the old Peacefield Primary crew... Look forward to hearing from you if you are still out there. KEVIN PARRY, The one who missed out on appearing on "Cheggers Plays Pop" due to a severe bout of tonsillitis!!!!!!!!!!


Joan Nuttell   


Found it very interesting. I use to live in Hawk Green ant later in Rose Hill prior to emigrating to New Zealand. Good to see the old pictures.


Bradley Froggatt   


Through this site I was able to identify places in Marple and Compstall through comparing them to family photos taken before and after my family emigrated. Very interesting.


Steven Hart  


Just found the site, nice to see.


Carol Greswell (Nee Flower)  


Just looking through for anything on Marple Hall grammar school and found your site. Very evocative of the past and terribly interesting.

Did anyone else out there go to Marple Hall grammar school for boys. I went there in the sixth form for two years 1972- 1974 and remember very little except for our biology teacher Mrs Lumb and the good times decorating the common room, sneaking off to the pub ( or is that just my fading memory) and cross country stopping off at the farm in the valley for tea.


John Broderick  


I used to live in Bredbury, brings back some nice memories.

Nice site.


Paul Mallett  


Have just spent an hour looking at the gallery...wasn't the Hollins Mill hideous?! And Stockport Road looks like a country lane!

Fascinating! More, please!


Paul Mallett  


re the picture of Marple's Home Guard. My grandfather, William Newman Mallett, could be the man on one knee to the front right of the photo.

If anyone can confirm this please let me know, and I'll pass the details to his family.

I should have pointed out in my previous posting that F W Foster (who was my grandfather on my mother's side) lived at Beech Mount on Station Road, Marple. (Down near the junction with Winnington Road.)

As an aside, my mother used to tell of driving geese from Beech Mount down Station Road so that they could go for a swim in the canal!! Those were the days!


Paul Mallett  


Re picture 37 in the gallery Marple's Home Guard. I've a copy "History of the Cheshire Home Guard" which shows that my grandfather, Major W N Mallett was company commander of the 37th Cheshire (Romiley) Battalion, "B" Company (Marple -&- district). Unfortunately I can't see him on this photo. (Mr Mallett lived with his family at "Fernihurst", Winnington Road).

If anyone reading this can remember those days do you also remember Lieut-Colonel Frederick William Foster who lived at "Beech Mount"; (or possibly "Trinity"; next door(?) If you do, my brother and I would love to hear from you. Mr Foster would have been retired, but may well have been involved in the Home Guard along with William Newman Mallett.


Sam Starling



Just to tell all residents of Marple that the new website has been set up by a group of volunteers - so why not drop by?

Look forward to your visit,





Keep popping into your site and finding new things each time. Sorry to find the news re the Bowling Green. Was hoping it might re open as a pub. Don't know if I will get back to Marple again. I am getting old now and time ( and cash) running out. Just looked at the story of the intrepid sailors. Wonderful reading. Keep it up. Best wishes to you all from North Queensland


Jesse Bradshaw  


It's wonderful work everyone has done to preserve a part of the Bradshaw History for future generations.

Thank You again!


Norman Shutler  


Very Impressive and I am sure you will be amazed at me finding my way!


Megan Barley  


An extremely interesting web site. Keep up the good work!

Thank you Megan Barley


matt  the chezrascals website


 I can personally recommend the Royal Oak in Mellor!!


Chris Moran  



The site certainly looks different. I can see you're getting into the spirit of Comic Relief just by looking at your photo. I like the nose. Is it real or is the Wadsworths 6X (or any other decent ale) to blame?

Chris Moran

PS. The newspaper articles are quite interesting, even for one who doesn't live in the area.


Dorothy Roberts  


Still like looking at your attractive and informative site. Pleased to read that my birthplace, The Bowling Green pub is to be resurrected.




Hi Christine, I remember you from RHCP. Embarrassing school photo is wending its way to you! Watch out anyone who was in Miss Drewery's (?) class at Rose Hill in 1966, we might just post it onsite! Lynn (nee Petrie)


Christine Reynolds  


Found this website about Marple. Amazing that the website is there at all. Excellent job. Very interesting information. Am now in

Columbus, Ohio USA. Found the name of Lynn Petrie familiar. I also attended RHCP and Marple Hall my maiden name is Croasdale. Would like to compare notes. Left Marple in 76. I have been back for visits, family members still live in Marple.


Carnival Queen Rachel  


Thank you every one for supporting me last year I had a wonderful day and hope the new carnival queen enjoys it as much as I did. The web site is brilliant and I hope to come and see it again soon.


Pat Harris nee Rowbottom  


Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me, I was born at 8 Station Road -&- my parents were George -&- Dora Rowbottom.


Chris Moran  



A most excellent site.
Chris Moran (WVP Line 3)



Interesting and informative site. I had a good mate who I used to work with from Marple, if you're reading this Barry Taylor do you remember the good old days??


Julie Bisson  


Stumbled onto this site while searching the web researching family tree.

My mother was born in Marple (nee Rowbottom) and lived on Station Road almost across from the Jolly Sailor.

This site is absolutely great and has helped me learn about the area where Mom grew up (before she -&- new husband moved to Canada). Site now book-marked in favourites and I will keep coming back to check for new information.

Keep up the great work.

Would like to hear from anyone who may recognize the Rowbottom name.


Julie Bisson
Salmon Arm, British Columbia


John Kershaw  


I lived in Hawk-Green for many years before moving to Poynton.

Anyone remember me from the "Willows" 1963 to 1967. Form 2B. Who remembers "Digger", "Mifflin", "Pop Mason", "Fred Slack" , Mrs. Redfern. The list goes on.

I've got some old photos which may be of interest, one especially of Hawk-Green in the early 1900`s



george w.gunn  


Hi, I am looking for Della Street or any info about her if you know her or where she lives and who with then send me an e-mail at


Alistair McIlroy  


MARPLE. HOW ARE YOU? I now live in Sydney Australia (where else ?).

I used to go to NEW MILLS GRAMMAR school from a little village in Derbyshire called Castleton. For some reason us students from New Mills had to go and swim in your Marple Baths. That was a long time ago, but I remember it well.


Jeffery Bradshaw  



I am a descendant from John Henry Bradshaw and so forth.. I am glad to see things of Marple Hall and Country.


Doug Sidebottom  


During a boring lunch-hour one day I discovered this website. Fantastic.

I don't know if anyone will remember me. I lived in Hawk Green between 1968 and 1978. I attended Doodfield County Primary School and spent a couple of terms at Marple Ridge High when at the age of 11 I was whisked off to Cornwall.

Visiting this site has certainly brought back a lot of happy childhood memories. I will be a regular visitor.




Hello! I think that the Marple website is cool :). It provides info on the events in Marple so I have unlimited access to locate any info I want!!!!!!! 

Well done give yourself a pat on the back. Say hi to Paul for me please Thanx :)