New Mills, Marple
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March 2017

The object of this page is to keep members up to date with the Speakers, meetings and social events and the aim is to update the page every month.

On 12th January we had Steve Abbott to speak to us on the Heritage Centre at Woodford. Steve is the Chief Lecturer on the Airport’s history and told us of the founding of Avro by Alliott Verdon Roe – the British aircraft pioneer and manufacturer. 

On 2nd February, Geoff Kelling came to speak on Forensic Science. He explained the history and progress of crime scene investigations from fingerprints to DNA.

Bob Kermeen on the 16th February left us all with many questions and theories surrounding the “suicide” of Dr Kelly. He posed the question of whether it was suicide or did he have to be silenced, and if so by whom?

On 23rd February Peter Hopkins gave us an insight into Fine Wines. Peter is with Marshalls the auctioneers in Knutsford, and his job is to ascertain the values of wines to be sold in one of their 5 auctions held every year. He is often called upon to give valuations on a client’s cellar especially when an estate is being wound up. 

Forthcoming events:

23rd March, Charter Dinner at Mellor and Townscliffe Golf Club – speaker Peter Mount, ex-chairman Central Manchester Hospital Trust

12th April, Maundy Thursday – speaker Lord Andrew Stunnell, the “House of Lords and Brexit”

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