Help a Marple Lad go to Canada!

Mark HoughtonBredbury Stockport Boxing Club have received an invitation from their Canadian sporting colleagues to put on a show that will include 11 of the club's best junior boxers being accompanied by trainers to Regina Sascatchewan, Canada, in April 2004.

Mark Houghton, an 11 year old from Marple, is one of the boxers selected to represent the club in the show. Each of the boxers have a great deal to gain from a trip of this nature, not just in the boxing ring but as a life experience, and Mark is extremely keen to attend as he knows that this is a once in a life time opportunity.

The show is currently in the early stages of planning and is being arranged to ensure that the boxers do not miss any school time or exams. Travel, accommodation, food and spends for the juniors are expected to cost in the region of 500 per head. 

Mark and his younger sister, who supports him, are doing odd jobs to try and raise the funds he needs to go on the trip. This includes things like washing cars and raking leaves from neighbours' gardens. Following an appeal for help in the web site forum by his father, we at the Marple Website have decided to donate 50 towards the cost of sending Mark to Canada.

We've done this because we believe it's a positive way to support an activity that keeps kids off the streets, we hope that it will encourage him in his endeavours to raise the rest of the money he needs, and perhaps persuade others to lend a helping hand too.

If you would like to help Mark, or some of the other youngsters at the club, to raise the money needed for this fantastic opportunity, please visit the Bredbury Stockport Boxing Club site to learn how you can do so.

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